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Getting free traffic to your site with WhatsApp

The next big marketing platform is Instant Messaging. Mark Sugarbag was certain of that, hence he wouldn’t have purchased WhatsApp for a whopping sum of $19 billion. It’s coming alive and now we have WhatsApp for Business.

Not many bloggers are ready for the 100% exposure at once, some do believe in organic growth while some just can’t afford to run a promotion for awareness, but they all need awareness and traffic. The fear of not getting enough publicity has ended the dream of so many bloggers, some have abandoned their passion because they have been deprived of the attention from their audience.

That’s the bitter reality but people read every day, hundreds of thousands of blog posts are published every day and bloggers still record an increased visit to their site, you just need to find a way to break into the cycle and boom, it will only get better.

If you ask one million and one bloggers what their major pain point is, they are concerned about getting traffic, readers to their blog. In fact, it’s still a daily struggle. Who doesn’t want traffic? Let’s talk about how you can get your first 1k organic views. That is, without promotion, how can you get readers to your blog post.

The word organic traffic means traffic that your blog generates without any paid promotion, no social media or display ads. In fact, the major is it comes as a FREE package. Now, how can WhatsApp serve as an instrument, as an agent for organic traffic?

These techniques are highly effective, try it and observe the positive difference. These are just simple hacks but need to be designed and positioned for optimum results.

WhatsApp is one of the top 3 instant messaging apps used globally. Think of it, who do you know today that doesn’t use WhatsApp? Maybe just one or two, of course, perhaps they are below 18 smile emoji. With over 2 billion accounts, large database, what do you expect?

Also, It’s not just about WhatsApp, it’s about the blogger’s creativity and attention and willingness to adopt and adapt to technology tools. WhatsApp is just a means to actualize your genius plans. People tell stories daily with WhatsApp status, broadcast, groups…

Here’s how to make it work wonders for your blog. And it’s 100% FREE.


Make a list of your contacts you can reach to personally, those who would support your passion and will be glad to help you put it on their status. Some people are private, so don’t get offended when they turn you down, it’s their personal number and life, you have to respect that. When deciding who, think of those who graciously lavish their WhatsApp status with gist and breaking news.

Those who are constantly updating everyone on their status. These people have hundreds of views daily, depending on how long their contact list is. All it takes is 1 post, and with 5 friends, you get hundreds of clicks already.


Draft and send the status/broadcast copy to them. a copy that will resonate with your post and relay your message clearly. Many won’t mind creating the caption but some can be lazy and it’s not their fault. So make life easier for them and yourself. Draft it and send it over. All they have to do is copy and paste.

That way, you can also be assured that they will share it. Once it’s becoming a bother, the chances that they will remember to share it becomes slim. So take the stress off of them and make it available.


Make sure your caption or copy is attention-grabbing and appealing, causing anyone who sees it click the link. People are curious and hungry for information, the inquisition is what you are playing to.

A subtle caption and title not spammy. Once it looks spammy or unreal, people can smell it from a distance. That’s not the first impression you want to sell.


Talk to group admins. You have friends who are admins of some groups, your church group, colleagues… These are people who know you and wouldn’t mind doing the dirty work for you. A group of thousands of users, depending on your type of niche and content should add some flesh to your traffic.


Constantly update your contact list using your own status as well. It’s your business, your brand, your blog… Preach what you are asking of others. While it’s yours and you can post as many times as you want, don’t be tempted to do just that. Once you become bored or your contacts notice this, they’ll train their minds to ignore your status. It’s psychological.

So what do you do?

a. post it once in a while, maybe once every fortnight
b. only share new post-release in form of updates
c. make your status come alive using other fun exercised. add your blog status to the end of your usual status

That way, they won’t be able to resist your status while still finding your status and clicking to read.


If you have a group or want something juicy, consider creating your own group, a community of your own, where you can always engage your people and get FREE traffic to your blog without fear of being removed. After all, it’s your house. Your house, your rules!

While you bask in that, don’t forget that tables can turn very quickly. Keep your members alive and happy, add value and keep being relevant. No one will be arrested for leaving the group or blocking you. Respect and appreciate their time, set rules, keep boundaries and all will be well.

Sometimes, it’s not just about Google, SEO, Keywords, etc. It’s being able to discover approaches that simplify work while spending less.

Tell me, which of this has worked for you and which are you considering in the pipeline. I appreciate your time, let me know your thought in the comments section.

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