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Reasons WordPress is a good choice for bloggers

WordPress, one of the world’s most used Open Source Content Management System (CMS) was created to make life easy for bloggers and businesses. As of March 2019, WordPress powers over 33% of all websites globally. Summarily, it allows for:

  • Easy customization using drag and drop systems
  • Access to multiple functionalities using plugins
  • Pocket-friendly budget for launching a website

And many more that will be discussed in this column. I will mention some of the striking reasons why the world has accepted it. As far as I am concerned, sharing my personal experience is best, especially when it relates to the environment.

Most web developers use WordPress because it’s a popular content management system that’s easy to use and flexible system. WordPress as free, open-source which gives web developers access to the software source code and they can build any website on it.


Some years back, having your website or blog is almost impossible. It’s either very expensive as you have to employ the services of a developer or write the codes yourself. It takes so much time to build and launch. Any update can also be a pain to implement.

But with a CMS, you can build and launch in less than 24 hours. You don’t need programming experience and since it’s beginner-friendly and drag and drops, you can affect changes under 5 minutes. The changes are auto-updated LIVE without the need to upload them to the server.

You can create pages and posts in a jiffy, design with simple drag and drop, edit with an editor, turn features on and off or even change the look of everything in a click.


A large community of developers is a guarantee that WordPress has come to say and support, updates, new tools will always be readily available.

Thousands of developers are constantly working to write codes that give us access to more themes, plugins, design, etc. that make using WordPress possible and easier.

WordPress has a tight community with active contributors from all over the world. These folks consistently work hard to develop and test new core features, perform bug fixes, and generally make sure the latest update or release is top-notch. The community is also available to developers who need a little help. The support forums are always bustling with activity, after all.

When using WordPress, you are not alone. When you hit dead ends, read online, there are enough information you can read up and even if you still don’t get a satisfactory answer, you can engage communities and someone will respond to your exact issue.


Plugins are extensions that you add to your site for more functionalities or features. It adds features you want to implement even if it does not come with the theme. It just has to be compatible.

Plugins add source and spice to your site by improving your design, features, and functionalities, allowing you to achieve more with your blog. Taking your blog a step closer to perfection.

Examples of plugins are social shares, popups, floating icons, word editor, and other cool added features you can think of.

At every point of your business, whenever you think of any feature required at the moment, you can always find a way around accomplishing it with readily available WordPress plugins. As we think of new ideas and features, WordPress developers are creating this, some even ahead of us.


Yes, while blogging is more about sharing content, sometimes, you can decide to sell digital products or even physical products. Depending on the niche and purpose of your blogging, nothing stops you from selling. So many of this has been considered and is readily available for bloggers.

WordPress works magic for any kind of website. You can with one template execute as many business ideas. Thanks to the community of developers who are working tirelessly to make technology easy for everyone who is thinking of taking their business online.

All functionalities and features of eCommerce have been added and all you will have to do is configure and customize to suit your purpose. From adding product to payment gateway and bank details to delivering to your customers.

All of this has been taken care of. So, why won’t you consider WordPress?


Email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Convertkit, GetResponse, Mailerlite, Moosend, etc, integrates easily with WordPress using API. This simplifies email marketing and takes a lot of stress out of the way.

What this means is that as many subscribers as you get automatically are added to your subscribers’ list in your email marketing account without having to export and import. WordPress syncs with ESPs so seamlessly.


You don’t have to think of design, the work has been done by expert UI – UX designers. Why worry about design inspiration when you already have tons of sleek blog templates to choose from? If care is not taken, you can get caught choosing which template to use as there are just too many to choose from.

WordPress even has tons of free and premium themes you can choose from. Also, having a responsive blog is of the utmost importance. As mentioned earlier, thousands of developers work to create websites layout and designs that are of global standard. It also comes highly responsive and mobile-friendly. The themes adjust according to the device, from smartphones to tabs and laptops.


The experience of using WordPress is seamless, easy to navigate, and understand, most bloggers out there use WordPress to make their life easier. If WordPress can solve a solution, provide you with an interface that eases your effort without having to hire a programmer, or helps you launch your blog without breaking the bank, then it’s for you.

If you have any questions for further clarification, you’re facing difficulties with running your blog, let me know in the comments section.

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